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SeQurance’s social engineering service is designed to help our clients identify and mitigate the risk of social engineering attacks, Social engineering attacks are a common and often successful method of breaching an organization’s security. SeQurance’s experts use a range of techniques, including phishing (email phishing), vishing (voice phishing), and smishing (SMS phishing), to simulate real-world attacks to test the defenses of our client’s systems.

Vishing (voice phishing) attacks involve using phone calls or other voice-based communication to try to obtain sensitive information from victims. Smishing (SMS phishing) attacks use text messages to try to trick individuals into revealing sensitive information or installing malicious software.

At SeQurance, we identify these kinds of vulnerabilities and provide guidance on how to remediate them, we help our clients build a strong defense against social engineering attacks in order to protect their employees, systems, and data from these types of threats.

Whether you are just starting to build your defenses or looking to improve your existing security posture, SeQurance is here to help you stay one step ahead. SeQurance’s social engineering service is an essential tool for any organization looking to protect itself from the risk of social engineering attacks.

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