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While businesses take every precaution to safeguard their valuable digital assets, they don’t always systematically test their defenses. By identifying weaknesses and incorrect configurations in your security systems, SeQurance’s penetration testing helps you improve the security for those assets.

Real world scenarios

SeQurance simulates real world tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of actual attackers who are aiming for your high-risk cyber assets are simulated by SeQurance security experts. You can benefit from our in-depth understanding of advanced persistent threat (APT) attacker behavior by:

  • Analyze whether your critical data is at risk.
  • Detect and fix complex security flaws before an attacker takes advantage of them.
  • Gain knowledge of the targets and motivations of attackers
  • Obtain quantitative data to assess the risk associated with your important assets.
  • Recognize and address vulnerabilities and configuration errors that may result in future compromise.

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