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Security transformation

Establish and activate cyber awareness
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Hacker as a service

Highly skilled hackers at your service
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Expertise on demand

Complete access to SeQurance experts
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Technical assurance

Battle-test your security
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We support
the secure future of your business

SeQurance Services

High end cyber security
Consulting services.

Discover the best way to a secure future for your business. Take advantage of SeQurance services, customized for your needs and for your benefit.

01. Know whether your assets are at risk
02. Attain realistic findings and recommendations
03. Mitigate vulnerabilities before attackers exploit
04. Understand how sophisticated attackers operate
05. get quantitative results that help measure the risk
These companies were supported by Sequrance

In Cyber resilience

Who we supported with to a better cyber security resilience by providing insights and technical consultancy into the risks related to their exposed data and vulnerabilities.

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